Sending Emails to your Leads

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Within your CRM there are multiple ways to send emails to individual or lists of Leads. This tutorial will go over each of the following methods:

  • Template Emails
  • Sending Emails from SalesInbox
  • Sending Emails from the CRM
Send Emails Using Templates

Your CRM comes pre-configured with a variety of email templates. Many of these are utilized for system-generated emails, however your InvesTechs Account Manager will continually add personilized email templates to your CRM based on your ongoing needs. These email templates are pre-configured to customize the email body based on which individual Lead is receiving the email — even if you send the same Template to a large list.

There are multiple ways to compose an email, however all of them have the ability to select “Choose Template”.

Send Emails from SalesInbox

SalesInbox is an email inbox built into your CRM, that acts independently from, yet is synced, with your primary email inbox, typically Outlook or Google.

The essential purpose of SalesInbox is so that your InvesTechs Account Manager can have access to designated email inboxes for ongoing support.

SalesInbox provides you with a more robust email inbox that is directly tied into your CRM. Ultimately, the extent to which you utilize SalesInbox is up to you. If you should choose to manage your inbox through Outlook or Google, that email activity will still be logged in SalesInbox.

  • Select the “SalesInbox” tab at the top of your CRM.

  • Select the blue “Compose” button.

  • Draft email as normal, or select a “Choose Template”.

  • Select a pre-configured email Template from the list.

  • Address the email to an individual or short list of Leads.

  • Select the green “Send” button in the bottom-left corner.

Send Emails from the CRM

Although SalesInbox is capable of sending emails to individuals or short lists of emails, directly within the CRM may be a more efficient way for you to send emails while managing your Leads.

There are two primary ways to achieve this.

Within a “View”

If you are working within a View or a Saved Search, you can select one or multiple Leads by clicking the checkbox to the left of their name.

Once you have selected the Leads you would like to email, you can select the “Send Email” button located near the top-left corner of the screen.

Within a “Lead Record”

If you select an individual Lead’s name it will open their Lead Record, a full detail of their entire Lead journey. From within this view, you can select the blue “Send Email” button located near the top-right corner of the screen.

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