InvesTechs Is Hiring:

Media Buyer / Advertising Manager

Company Overview: InvesTechs is a pioneering marketing agency specializing in generating high-net-worth investor leads for investment funds and other related businesses. We pride ourselves on being innovators at the forefront of marketing automation, committed to forging connections between visionary fund managers and high-net-worth investors.

Position Overview: As a Media Buyer at InvesTechs, you’ll play a key role in managing and optimizing advertising campaigns within Meta. This role requires a unique combination of creativity and analytical skills, focusing on lead generation for high-ticket items. You will work in close collaboration with the founders, Tech VA, and the Project Manager, while also aligning with strategic guidance and oversight from our Senior Advertising Partner.

What This Position Is Not: This role is not about e-commerce marketing; it is centered around high-value lead generation in the investment management sector.

Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • Proficient in Meta’s advertising platform, particularly in creating and using custom audiences.
  • Experienced in Lead Generation campaigns, specifically for high-ticket items.
  • Skilled in using third party tools for campaign analysis and optimization.
  • Collaborative and methodical testing approaches for campaign optimization.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Develop, manage, and optimize Meta advertising campaigns for high-value lead generation, aligned with strategies from our Senior Advertising Partner.
  • Collaborate with founders and Tech VA for continuous campaign improvement.
  • Report to and work closely with the Project Manager.
  • Coordinate with the Technology Manager for tech and advertising team integration.
  • Strategize and execute targeted ad campaign strategies, including audience segmentation and budget planning.
  • Oversee ad placements, bids, and budgets across Facebook platforms, optimizing for performance and ROI.
  • Analyze and report on campaign performance, adjusting strategies based on data insights.
  • Comply with Meta’s advertising policies and stay updated with industry best practices.
  • Swiftly address performance issues and manage remarketing efforts for enhanced campaign efficacy.

Soft Skills Necessary To Succeed In This Role:

  • Analytical Thinking: Ability to derive insights from data.
  • Communication: Effective in conveying strategies and results.
  • Proactive Learning: Eager to keep abreast of industry trends.
  • Problem-Solving: Quick to identify and resolve campaign challenges.
  • Detail-Oriented: Meticulous in managing and optimizing campaigns.

Hard Skills Necessary To Succeed In This Role:

  • Proficiency in Meta’s advertising tools, especially in audience creation.
  • Experience with lead generation campaigns and strategies.
  • Knowledge of advertising high-value products or services.
  • Familiarity with third party campaign analysis tools.


  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in media buying or 1 year of agency media buying, focusing on Meta.
  • Demonstrable experience with Meta advertising and lead generation campaigns.
    Fluency in English, with excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Work Schedule:

  • Part-time, approximately 20 hours per week, with potential to scale to full-time.
  • Availability for team meetings between 8am – 12pm EST Monday through Thursday.

Perks and Growth:

  • Engaging work environment within an ambitious team.
  • Opportunities for professional growth through training and certifications.
  • Support for acquiring additional certifications to enhance professional skills.
  • A culture centered on results-driven remote work.

Application Process: If you are an experienced media buyer adept at optimizing high-value lead generation campaigns, we welcome your application. Please include your CV, cover letter, and relevant certifications.

Join Our Team: This role is ideal for those passionate about digital advertising, eager to contribute to innovative campaigns, and ready to grow with a pioneering company. Your work at InvesTechs is impactful, and your professional development is a priority!

Note: This is a contract-based position, and benefits associated with employment are not provided.