Start Raising Capital

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Basics Technology Suite

Setup and Configuration of all products in the basics package

The Basics Technology Suite by InvesTechs ensures a seamless setup and configuration of all essential products. This service is designed to lay a robust foundation for your capital raising efforts, integrating all the basic tools you need to start strong. By handling the technical details, we let you focus on your core business, ensuring that everything from your CRM to data analytics is configured to optimize performance and ease of use.

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Website + Investor CRM Setup

Fully integrate your CRM into your website

InvesTechs specializes in the seamless integration of your Investor Lead CRM with your website, creating a cohesive platform where all investor lead interactions are meticulously tracked and managed. This integration allows for a smoother investor lead journey, from initial contact through ongoing engagement, enhancing your ability to monitor interactions and tailor communications to suit investor needs, thereby boosting conversion rates.

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3 Pieces of Evergreen Content

Start your raise off right with professional content

Begin your investment campaign with InvesTechs’ expertly crafted evergreen content. Our team creates three pieces of high-quality, enduring content designed to engage and inform your audience year-round. This content not only enhances your brand’s visibility but also establishes your expertise in the industry, providing a solid content foundation to attract and retain investor interest. You will receive a Corporate Overview, an Executive Summary, and a Track Record document.

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New Lead Email Drip Campaign

Deliver all new leads a custom-written email drip campaign

Engage new leads effectively with a custom email drip campaign incorporating your new Evergreen Content. These campaigns nurture new connections with targeted, informative content that guides potential investors through your investment process. This strategic communication pathway helps convert interest into investment by maintaining momentum and building trust.

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Meta and LinkedIn Optimization

Audit, Update, and Optimize your online presence

Optimize your online presence with a comprehensive audit and optimization of your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. We fine-tune your profiles and media to enhance visibility and engagement. By optimizing these key social platforms, we ensure your brand stands out as an established player in your market.

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Social Media Planner Setup

Setup and configuratioon of your social media automation

Streamline your social media management with an integrated Social Media Planner Setup. Our team will configure your social media automation tools, enabling consistent and strategic content delivery across all your channels. Save time and maintain a strong online presence with automated scheduling that keeps your brand active and engaging to your audience.

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Marketing Automation Setup

Setup of all initial marketing automation workflows

Ensure your marketing and sales efforts are aligned with automations to prevent any warm leads from slipping away. We configure and launch your initial marketing automation workflows, ensuring a smooth and efficient rollout of campaigns. This setup includes everything from lead capture to nurturing processes, all designed to automate tasks, enhance efficiency, and drive conversions.