Reach New Investors and raise capital faster

Diversified Fund

AI Sales Assistant Lead Nurturing

Use Artificial Intelligence to immediately nurture all new leads

Leverage the InvesTechs AI Sales Assistant for immediate and effective lead nurturing to improve conversion rates up to 75%. This tool utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to engage new leads as soon as they enter your system, providing timely responses and continually engaging them to schedule a meeting. The AI assistant ensures that no opportunity is missed, enhancing lead conversion through consistent and intelligent interaction.

Diversified Fund

Custom Nurture Campaign

Custom 9 month email and sms marketing campaign copy

InvesTechs will write a comprehensive Custom Nurture Campaign, spanning nine months of tailored email and SMS marketing communications. Designed to maintain and increase investor lead engagement, this service crafts personalized messages that push all new leads to schedule a meeting with your investor relations team. This sustained approach ensures ongoing engagement and maximizes conversion rates.

Diversified Fund

Meta Advertising Management

Targeted advertising campaigns directly to investor prospects

Take control of your investor outreach with InvesTechs’ Meta Advertising Management. Our experts design and execute targeted advertising campaigns on Meta platforms, ensuring your message reaches highly qualified investor prospects. With strategic ad placements and optimized content, we help you maximize your advertising spend and increase the visibility of your investment opportunities.

Diversified Fund

Video + Static Ad Creatives

Ongoing production of video and static advertising creatives

Elevate your advertising strategy with InvesTechs’ production of both video and static ad creatives. Our team crafts compelling visual content that captures attention and communicates your fund’s value proposition clearly. Whether it’s dynamic video content or eye-catching static ads, our creative solutions are designed to engage potential investors and boost your campaign performance.

Diversified Fund

Landing Page Setup

All the landing pages and integrations necessary to run ads

InvesTechs ensures that your digital campaigns are fully equipped with professionally designed landing pages. This service includes the setup of all necessary landing pages and their integrations, creating a seamless path for converting ad traffic into leads. With optimized landing pages, your campaigns will achieve higher conversion rates by providing a clear, compelling call to action and streamlined user experience.