Effectively Filter and View your CRM Data

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There are two primary tools used to filter and view your CRM data, and they are integrated together: Views and Saved Searches.

Views: Broad lists of Leads based on specific criteria. Views are used to display segments of Leads to a user and also trigger logic built into your software ecosystem.

Saved Searches: More refined searches within a specific View. Each View can hold up to five Saved Searches.

A practical application of these two features working together:

  • Your CRM comes pre-configured with a LinkedIn Leads View. This View contains all of your LinkedIn Leads regardless of their stage in the LinkedIn Campaign.
  • Within this View, there are five Saved Searches that provide more clarity to which Leads are pre-qualified and ready for your attention compared to other indicators such as how many Leads are in the early stages of your LinkedIn Campaign.

Types of Views

There are several types of Views, most of which will not require your attention. The primary thing to pay attention to are your Favorites, which are indicated by a gold star next to their name. Your CRM will come pre-configured with a set of favorite Views, and your InvesTechs Account Manager will populate your CRM with additional Views in your favorites as necessary.

Creating your own Views and Saved Searches

If you would like to dig in and create your own lists, the steps are quite simple.

This tutorial provided by Zoho goes over all the steps to create and manage your own lists.

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