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Included within your InvesTechs account are a variety of other Professional and Enterprise level accounts. This is not an exhaustive list of the technology being used, rather, the accounts that InvesTechs Clients should be aware of. This is an brief description of the purpose of each.

Campaign Address

Your Campaign Address is the email address associated with all of the accounts below. The primary administrator of your InvesTechs account, as well as each Investor Relations or Sales agent, will have a Campaign Address. Your Campaign Addresses should be located on the same domain as your primary email address. Separating your Campaign Address from your primary email address allows InvesTechs access to all the necessary accounts without jeapordizing security. 

Zoho One

The enterprise level of Zoho provides access to a suite of marketing automation technology that acts as the “brain” and the “muscle” to your marketing campaign. InvesTechs has built a custom Zoho ecosystem of applications optimized for capital attraction. The ecosystem is exhaustive, however, you and your agents will only need to focus on touch points with pre-qualified Leads.


The enterprise level of Zoom provides our clients with deeper access to their technology which allows for increased levels of automation. Depending on your services, you may be provided a Zoom Meeting and/or Zoom Webinar license.


The professional Calendly plan allows for unlimited meeting types, brand customization, remider-texts, and several other features that allow for increased levels of automation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Our custom LinkedIn software is built to automate LinkedIn Campaigns and fully integrate it into the CRM. A prerequisite of this campaign is a Sales Navigator subscription on each Investor Relations representateive that is running a LinkedIn Campaign.

Your Website

Our custom Invesment Website are fully equipped to serve as a hub for all of your marketing automation, marketing content, and lead capturing. Your website is also equipped with a custom login management that allows you to access your admin profile. Your admin profile can be customized as you see fit.

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