Accessing your Zoom Account

Your InvesTechs Account Manager may provide you with enterprise-level Zoom accounts as a part of your services. If conducting Webinars is part of your services then at least one Zoom Webinar license will be included.

If you have an existing Zoom account, this will not delete or modify your account. Simply, your subscription will be moved to the InvesTechs enterprise account. If your previous Zoom account is the host of upcoming meetings, and you have join links in your calendar event descriptions, this will cause those links to break. Please inform your InvesTechs Account Manager of any upcoming Zoom Meetings or Webinars that you are scheduled to host. They will ensure these join links are not deteriorated.

Zoom Login Link


Zoom Core Applications
The Zoom application has two primary components:

Desktop Application: This is a program that you download which makes it easy to join and host meetings and webinars.

Web-Based Application: This is Zoom’s website where you can manage your account and the fine details of your meetings and webinars.

The Desktop Application is primarily only used to join and participate in Meetings and Webinars. If you do not have the Desktop Application installed when you launch a Meeting or Webinar, it will prompt you to download the software. You may also go download the appropriate software from Zoom’s website.

For any deeper functionality, such as managing your preferences or upcoming events, you will want to utilize the Web-Based Application at

Your profile will be pre-configured with a specific arrangement of preferences, profile settings, and your Personal Meeting ID (PMI).

Zoom Core Services

Based on the services being provided by InvesTechs, you may have one or both of the following Zoom services included.

Zoom Meetings: This is Zoom’s core product of personal meeting rooms, for use on a recurring or one-off basis. These Meetings are ideal for conference calls and meetings where it is encouraged for everyone to see the other participants. Zoom Meetings is fully integrated into your InvesTechs account and you will rarely need to pay any attention to it.

Zoom Webinars: Webinars are a presentation by a Host that may feature other Co-Hosts or Panelists. Prospects register for these Webinars and registrants can only see the Hosts and Panelists. Webinars are ideal for featuring special guests and marketing materials while preventing attendees from seeing each other. If Webinars are a part of your services, you, or your investor relations representative, will need to become familiar and comfortable with Zoom Webinars.

Scheduling Meetings and Webinars

You will not need to worry about scheduling Webinars or Meetings with your Leads. With each Meeting that a Lead books with you, they will have the option to select a “Zoom Call” and a Zoom event will be automatically created for your Meeting.

Your InvesTechs Account Manager will create all of your webinars and manage the registration and followup.

Your reponsibility will be to arrive 15 minutes early to fire up the webinar live stream and then put on a good show.

Launching a Webinar or Meeting

The process of launching a Meeting or Webinar is simple.

To join a Zoom Meeting as a Host:

  • Open your Zoom Desktop Application and select “Meetings” at the top.
  • In the top-left select “Upcoming”.
  • Select the Meeting you would like to join from the list.
  • Select “Start”.
  • Each Meeting scheduled through Zoom will initiate a calendar event. You may also join a Meeting as the Host from the links contained in the calendar event description.

To join a Zoom Webinar as a Host:

  • Repeat the first two steps above.
  • Select the Webinar you would like to join from the list.
  • If you are the Host of the Webinar, select the “Start” button.

To join a Zoom Webinar as a Panelist:

  • When invited to a Webinar as a Panelist, the join process is different.
  • Once you have been invited as a Panelist, check the email inbox associated with your Zoom account.
  • Open the email from “” with a subject line that starts with “Panelist for…”
  • This email contains a “Click Here to Join” link that is unique to you. This link will admit you to the Webinar as a Panelist.
  • Please join the Webinar at least 10 minutes prior to the start time.
Live Streaming

Your InvesTechs Account comes with a Live Stream integration across major services such as Zoom, Facebook, LinkedIn and more to come.

Live Streaming for capital attraction should have multiple approaches.

  • Your Webinars will be Live Streamed across major services and be used to create media libraries which are tied to your social media accounts. This process is very structured, planned, and automated. Your followers are served with notifications and event invitations to register for your upcoming Webinars through your Investment Website.
  • Live Streaming a Zoom Meeting with you as the only “attendee” is an effective way to reach your targeted audience and build a more personal conversation. The most popular example of personal Live Streaming in Real Estate is sponsors streaming a 5-10 minute video to discuss project fundamentals as they walk the project site. They’re not taking questions, per-se, just logging a moment for the media bank. This can be done from your phone, anywhere with internet, using Zoom Meetings.

The process for Live Streaming your Webinars and Meetings can be different based on some fine details. Please see the following tutorials for more detailed information

Live Stream your Meeting or Webinar

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