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What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho offers a suite of applications for business operations. It can be similarly related to Hubspot, with a much lower price tag and more customization options.

InvesTechs has built a custom Zoho ecosystem of applications to manage and pre-qualify Leads. We will deploy this software for your business, and your CRM manage and monitor all of your Campaign activities. The majority of this software ecosystem will be fully managed by your InvesTechs Account Manager to ensure your time is spent engaging with pre-qualified leads.

How do Leads get into my CRM?

Your CRM captures Leads from every inbound and outbound campaign that InvesTechs provides. All Leads generated, regardless of source, will land in your CRM. A Lead’s individual “journey” make take minutes or months before the system declares them Pre-Qualified and delivers the Lead to the appropriate Investor Relations representative. The CRM manages their journey, notifies you when they are pre-qualified, and provides you the tools to begin nurturing the relationship personally.

Logging into Zoho CRM

Begin by navigating to and logging into the account that was provided to you by your InvesTechs account manager.

Your password is universal across all the accounts that were created for you by InvesTechs. Please do not change this password or set up 2FA, as your InvesTechs account manager will need to maintain regular access throughout your campaigns.

Lead Types: Investors, Lenders, Etc
Depending on the types of Leads that InvesTechs is generating for your company, you will find various tabs at the top of your CRM.

Each of these Lead Types is customized for the various activities requires to generate and pre-qualify different types of leads.

Locating an Individual Lead

To locate an individual lead, navigate to the search bar at the top-right of your Zoho CRM and locate the magnifying glass icon.

Click on this icon to open up a search bar.

You can search name, email, or any other identifiable information, and a list of Leads will be generated, sorted by their Lead Type.

Managing Lists of Leads

Various lists of Leads can be generated with the CRM using simple or sophisticated filters. These are called “Views”.

Your CRM will come equipped with pre-configured Views that are geared to show you a comprehensive list of all Leads who are pontential deals.

Your CRM will also come equipped with pre-reconfigured Views to generate lists of Leads based on their Lead Source.

You are also welcome to configure your own Views. Please see the “Create Custom Views” tutorial for more information.

Each View can store up to 5 “Saved Filters”. These Saved Filters give you the ability to drill-down into subsections of the overall View and save dynamic lists.

For Example:
Your LinkedIn Leads View is pre-populated to break down all the Leads based on their various stage in your LinkedIn Campaign. Their data is automatically adjusted based on specific triggers, and these Saved Filters populate accordingly. This can give you a snapshot of which conversations are in need of followup within your LinkedIn account.

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